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Sabtu, 13 Februari 2016

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HomeTown Story USA 3DS CIA Google Drive Link

Free Download HomeTown Story USA 3DS CIA Google Drive Link

You play as a young boy — or girl, if you wish — who takes over a shop in a small town after his grandmother, who previously owned it, passes away. If this sounds in any way similar to Harvest Moon to you, then you're actually pretty close — that particular series was created by the same person behind Hometown Story, Yasuhiro Wada.
Harvest Moon had you working hard to successfully manage your farm. Not only did you have grow crops, you also had to take care of the land and animals, keep an eye on the weather, build things and go into town to shop and partake in various events. In Hometown Story, it's a whole lot simpler — you simply put down some tables, put items on top of them, put a price tag on them and wait for the customers to roll in. You technically don't even need to leave the shop, because every now and then a supplier will come by to sell you more stock.
All the customers are unique characters, which is quite cool, as it means each of them has their own unique traits, such as favourite items. Thankfully, there's no need to discover these one by one, as there's a nice, big list of people that you can check to find out exactly what they like, which new people are added to as soon as you encounter them.
Of course, if you just stay inside you're probably going to bored very quickly, so thankfully it's also possible to leave the store and explore the entire town — although naturally this means that you won't be able to sell anything. Made up of numerous screens, the town starts off relatively deserted, but as your store becomes bigger and more popular, more houses and people will start to pop up. Talking to these people can occasionally result in side quests, usually just requiring you to find item X and bring it to person Y, but there are some more interesting ones thrown into the mix. Walking around, you can also occasionally find items which you can sell, and it's also possible to go fishing — easily the best source of income, at least early on in the game.

How To Install
  1. Put all downloaded file into one folder
  2. Right Click and Choose Ekstract Here
  3. There You Go,,, You Got Your CIA File :D
  4. Feel Free To Request Your Favourite Games
  5. Report Broken Link In Comment (i'll fix as soon as possible)
  6. Password Is : www.3dswear.xyz
Free Download HomeTown Story USA 3DS CIA Google Drive Link









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