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Minggu, 14 Februari 2016

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Harvest Moon : The Lost Valley USA 3DS CIA Google Drive Link

Free Download Harvest Moon : The Lost Valley USA 3DS CIA

Hiking your way through the mountains one day, you become caught in an unexpected snowstorm, and find shelter with the help of a faint voice. When you awaken, you find and help a kindly Harvest Sprite buried under the snow, who tells you all of the seasons in the valley have vanished except for winter. To return all 4 seasons to the valley, you'll need the help of the villagers, the Harvest Sprites, the Harvest Goddess, and even the King of the Underworld! You've never played a Harvest Moon game quite like this!
  • The first Harvest Moon game with a fully three-dimensional setting, allowing players to dig, stack, and till the soil any way they like!
  • New and innovative controls! With Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley's context-sensitive controls, players won't have to rummage through their rucksack anymore!
  • Players can choose whether to play as a boy or a girl, woo their favorite bachelor or bachelorette, get married, and start a family!
  • Reinvented crop and animal systems!

* Put all downloaded file into one folder
* Right Click and Choose Ekstract Here
* There You Go,,, You Got Your CIA File XD

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Free Download Harvest Moon : The Lost Valley USA 3DS CIA DOWNLOAD // Download 2

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