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Super Mario 3D Land 3DS CIA Download

Free Download Super Mario 3D Land 3DS CIA USA

The first eight worlds of 3D Land make for an engaging playthrough, though most of them I found relatively easy. While still completely enjoyable and creative - blending old school Mario concepts like Music Blocks and flagpoles with Galaxy innovations like flip switches and timed, disappearing platforms - you'll run through most of these worlds rather quickly. Things really pick up in the difficulty department after defeating World 8. Hardcore gaming enthusiasts should take comfort in the fact that the ease of the first few worlds is most certainly not indicative of the game's overall difficulty level. I've stomped a few Goombas in my day, but some of the later levels still took many, many tries to best.
All of the levels, even the easier ones, are truly memorable and instantly classic, just like in the original Super Mario Bros. games. Also like these old gems, you'll find tons of hidden secrets, which you'll stumble across only by chance or by purposefully exploring and jumping around every area. The time limit on each level, which can be extended in some cases by finding and collecting clocks, further adds to the thrill by forcing you to plow forward and not second guess your jumps. While the entire game offers plenty of Mario's trademark platforming bliss, after World 8 the game makes a return to the sharp, clever challenge of the NES days - and it's as thrilling as ever.  

The incorporation of gyroscope and StreetPass help round out the package, making for the ideal 3DS experience. You can use gyroscope when looking through a set of binoculars in some of the levels, tilting the system to gain a better view of the challenges that lie ahead or to zoom in on a captive Toad - sometimes yielding a 1-Up Mushroom, Power-Up or even a hidden medal. StreetPass allows you to unlock mystery boxes - timed challenge rooms where you must race to collect all of the coins and defeat all of the enemies to grab the medal before time runs out. StreetPassing with other 3DS owners allows you to see their best times on each level, a great way to challenge yourself by trying to beat the times of those you've crossed paths with.

Release Date: November 13, 2011
E for Everyone: Mild Cartoon Violence 
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo

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Region : USA

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