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Kamis, 11 Februari 2016

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Mario & Luigi Paper Jam USA 3DS CIA Google Drive Link

The story of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam crosses together the universes of the Mario & Luigi and
Paper Mario series, resulting in the sprite-based residents of one universe meeting their paper thin counterparts from the other. As such, players control a team consisting of Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario, whose actions are controlled by pressing A, B and Y respectively. In addition to the moves Mario and Luigi can make in their series, Paper Mario can use his paper thin body to perform his own unique actions, such as squeezing through tight gaps or turning into a paper airplane in battle to help the bros. Like previous games, battles incorporate various mechanics such as timing attacks or using special abilities. During battle, Paper Mario can make copies of himself, allowing him to deal extra damage or attack multiple enemies at once, as well as use special techniques where all three fighters attack together. There are also sections where players control a giant Papercraft Mario and fights other papercraft enemies.

  • Put all downloaded file into one folder
  • Right Click and Choose Ekstract Here
  • There You Go,,, You Got Your CIA File :D

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  • Password Is : www.3dswear.xyz

    Part 1 DOWNLOAD
    Part 2 DOWNLOAD
    Part 3 DOWNLOAD

    Part 1 DOWNLOAD
    Part 2 DOWNLOAD
    Part 3 DOWNLOAD

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